I am not from Singapore, can I still purchase books from Verso Recto?

Yes! You are still able to purchase books from us. For enquiries, you can email us at versorectosg@gmail.com. 

I cannot find a book that I'm trying to buy, what can I do? 

Here at Verso Recto we have a large catalog of books that are available. To enquire about books not uploaded into our website yet, you can send your enquiry here. If we do not have supply for the books, we will redirect you to other online stores as well.

I just ordered, when will I receive my books?

At the product page, the estimated time of arrival for the books is indicated. 

I am at the checkout page. Is there any other method of payment other than bank transfer?

For the time being, we also accept PayNow transfers as indicated. Nevertheless, we are still trying out other forms of payment, and we expect to add new payment methods in the near future!

I have ordered multiple books, some of them have different ETAs, will there be multiple trips for each book?

For orders with multiple books, we will try to arrange for minimal deliveries so as to not inconvenience you. This may sometimes lead to a slight delay of 1-2 working days as we consolidate multiple books into one delivery. 


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